Redux Apps

Your Web App idea — brought to life in beautiful, elegant simplicity.

What is your vision?

We work closely with entrepreneurs and small teams of developers to craft fine hypertext experiences. What we do:

  • Develop new web apps from scratch
  • Get struggling projects back on track
  • Audit apps for security vulnerabilities
  • Project management of distributed off-site teams
Dreaming in code

About Us

Shanti Braford has been professionally developing web applications for over ten years. He's worked with the Ruby on Rails framework since shortly after its release in 2005.

Together with a distributed team of designers and dev-ops specialists, we work with you closely to turn your vision into a living, breathing application.

Previous Clients

From budding startups to large-scale enterprises, we've done it all. Some of our previous clients and work experience includes:

  • New Relic
  • Nike, Inc.
  • SPARQ Training
  • AT&T
  • Revelation Global
  • Sprout Systems, Inc.

Tell me about your project

What is your grand vision? How will your app provide value to its users? Improve the web's ecosystem? How will you generate revenue, and one day achieve profitability?

Or drop us a line at:

(503) 489-7863

We look forward to hearing from you.